A Windy Day at Whitworth Park

Looking back at one of our favourite shoots from autumn! Hula-hooping, modern art and climbing frames. This family session was pure joy and madness. Elizabeth contacted me to photograph her three children, her little niece and her sister. We met at Whitworth Park in Manchester on a cold and windy autumnal day. I am not talking breezy, I am talking that magical kind of windy that reminds you how exciting nature can be. The children were non-stop balls of energy, running everywhere, climbing trees, revelling in their hair being whipped about by the wind. We examined the strange and wonderful park sculptures, played on the zip wire and broke into many fits of giggles. As the session was coming to an end we headed to the front of the gallery where we were greeted by a group of people practicing circus skills and they were kind enough to let us join! Such a lovely family and such a lovely shoot.