Snowy Shoot at Tatton Park

It was so fun to shoot with Jordane, Jake and their two adorable boys! They are such a sweet family, always making each other laugh and having a great time together. Jordane is a family friend who I have known most of my life, and it has been a pleasure to see her become the incredible mother she is, to two awesome, smart and hilarious sons. We had the family session up at Tatton Park in the fresh snow, meeting first at their family home while everyone got wrapped up warm. It turns out that this rare glimpse of snow meant that many people had the same plan as us, also deciding to head up to Tatton Park, which meant a lot of traffic and a lot of time in the car! But the family were so adorable, taking turns choosing the car tunes (lots of David Bowie and The Star Wars theme!) joking with each other and gazing out of the window as the snow began to thicken on the ground. We had a great walk around Tatton Park, Jordane, Jake and the boys stomping through the cold and having snow ball fights! After everyone got a tad too cold, the family headed back to a nearby family friends' house to warm up with tea and cookies by the fire.